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DKHR Services

DK HR Consultancy Limited can help you make the most of your employees

DKHR can help you to foster engaged and productive employees while also helping you to navigate the increasing complexities of employment legislation and regulation.

Whether you need assistance with a complex and sensitive employee relation issue, designing and delivering a national change and transformation programme, introducing a pay and grading solution or addressing underperformance, we support you via our pragmatic and holistic approach.

We provide full business solutions from complete HR support services to individual services. These include:

We perform Human Resources Audits in schools, academies and organisations, so that we can assess current human resources policies, procedures, documentation and systems. We identify areas needing HR improvement while also ensuring that our clients are safe in compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations.

We provide disciplinary, grievance and absence solutions, assessing and managing employment law risks and supporting managers through each process. This includes coaching individuals to hone their knowledge and skills to advance their professional development.

We support organisations by providing clear, legally sound advice on consultation and communication, to ensure effective change management. We also advise on downsizing, redundancy and redeployment situations, developing processes that fit with each organisation’s policies.

We draft and critique employment contracts to ensure they meet the client’s (and the sector’s) needs, developing handbooks on aspects on areas of business procedure such as Code of Conduct, Equality and Discipline and Staff.

We support organisations in recruitment and selection, whether this entails supporting a Head Teacher appointment, developing recruitment and retention strategies, or planning successors for posts. We support leading, development and people management processes with fairness and consistency.

We monitor legislation changes and advise our clients on appropriate courses of action. This includes assessing and acting to reduce risk in employee relation cases. We can advise on ending fixed term contracts and consult on changes to terms and conditions.

We design and deliver national change and restructure programmes, including pay and grading projects which are transparent and equitable for employees. Issues relating to pay significantly affect relationships at work and help determine an organisational environment.

We help organisations to solidify links between professional standards, induction, performance management and continuing professional development, providing guidance to help you obtain the best from your staff.

We advise when and how policies need to be reviewed or developed in accordance with the latest legislation. Development services include producing ‘How To’ guides to support managers through particular processes.

We develop trade union communication frameworks, helping businesses and organisations to establish relationships with trade unions so that employee relation issues may be resolved speedily.

We advise and guide stakeholders through the TUPE process, including consulting with staff and trade unions, undertaking due diligence processes, and identifying risks and measures.

We act as a Workplace Mediator for organisations,­­­ helping to avoid disputes and grievances escalating into formal processes.
Our aim is to improve efficiency and effectiveness consistently while ensuring value-for-money.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about any of the above services.